Hello! This is Friesian

A company turning ideas into beautiful things.

Who Are We?

Friesian Technology is compatible with (or works with) the technologies of big data, AI, cloud, and Cisco.

For a next-generation infrastructure that is rapidly expanding, having a service partner with excellent skills in optical networking, packet switching, and automation is important. We've developed into a flexible and technically aware systems integrator over the course of our history.

Because of the services we provide, we are able to help our customers develop their network infrastructure without requiring them to make any changes that are inflexible or unacceptable.



New services can be established at the edge thanks to solutions that are coherent and offer dynamic scaling. Planning and provisioning of optical networks are both responsibilities that fall under our remit.



AI is a system for solving complex problems and taking actions without human intervention. Machine learning (ML) is the ability to "statistically learn" from data without explicit programming. Deep learning (DL) is the use of deep neural networks to learn from and make decisions with complex data.