Grow with Friesian Technologies


The Friesian Networking portfolio has the breadth and depth to serve the broadest range of networking needs. It spans access, WAN, data center, and cloud environments for organisations of all sizes, across all industries. And it provides your team with a choice of cloud-based and on-premises management modes. Flexible subscription options allow you to simplify and keep pace with your network's expanding demands as technologies and requirements change.


The AI processes in the cloud perform the logical troubleshooting steps that a network engineer executes to resolve problems, but much faster and against a much larger data set than humans' can handle. In large campus networks and remote branch offices, the number of alerts and false-positives for minor to major issues can come fast and furious at times, making triage the first step for NetOps teams. The AI processing helps triage issues by categorising them according to severity, location, number of affected devices, and the ability to automatically remedy a subset of issues. As a result, NetOps can focus on high-priority alerts instead of hunting through a blizzard of data for disruptive problems. Friesian AI Network Analytics and DNA Assurance provide visibility, insight, and action for resolving network issues and improving performance.


Digital transformation is helping companies rapidly drive efficiency, agility, and connectivity as they use technology to transform their business processes into something easier, faster, more secure, flexible, and profitable. Cloud computing technology is a cornerstone of digital transformation.

Cloud computing offers companies convenient models to access infrastructure, platforms, and software offerings on a pay-as-you-go basis. With cloud computing, companies are freeing up capital, streamlining IT maintenance, modernising and scaling business approaches, building security and flexibility into services and solutions, helping customers in new ways, and growing their business in ever-changing market conditions.

Big Data

Exponential increases in data volumes mean that big data environments will eventually get much bigger and more distributed, potentially consisting of hundreds or thousands of servers and switches. Consequently, IT departments will need an infrastructure designed for cost-effective management, massive scalability, comprehensive security that extends from the data centre through the network to every connected device, and lower TCO. And as the use of big data becomes more critical to day-to-day decision making and more pervasive in the industry, high performance and availability of big data solutions will become more important to help ensure faster and more predictable delivery of insights to key decision makers. Traditional infrastructure is simply not designed to meet these long-term requirements of big data environments. Friesian, however, provides a comprehensive and distributed big data infrastructure that is optimised for long-term success because of its unified design, intelligence, and robust security.