Optical Services

Create (or) Design

We produce multiple iterations of the design of a network, each of which contains information about the connectivity of the network, span reports, protective systems, traffic matrices, and planned expansions.

Techniques for Migrating

If you increase the speed to 400 gigabits per second, you will be able to double the bandwidth that is available for each wavelength. We provide methodologies that assess the various flex-grid vendor options in an effort to reduce the total cost of ownership while simultaneously enhancing capacity and resilience.


Our services are effective in environments that are complicated, cross-platform, and utilise several vendors. Through the integration of separate subsystems, components, and chipsets, our team ensures that the entire system functions as intended.


We assigned a number to the circumstances that result in the highest levels of operational productivity. Optics and electronics are subjected to exhaustive testing on their interfaces, power supplies, and throughput capacities.


Our staff is equipped to provide training that is suited to individuals of every skill level. Training and education programmes for engineers that are focused on the development of internal competency and the transfer of acquired knowledge.


There are many different forms of documentation that we have generated for this project. Some examples of these types of documentation include logs, backups, configurations, flowcharts, faceplate diagrams, procedures, security data, RFV-Rack Face View diagrams, and acceptance tests.


By preparing the warehouse in advance, we ensure that the turn-up will go off without a hitch. We identify components that are incompatible with one another, which can lengthen the installation process.


The troubleshooting and provisioning of optical networks are both areas of expertise for our multi-vendor team. We've got you covered in every aspect, whether it's increasing the size of your storage space or transferring to a different location.

Services in Optical Computing and Automation

Get underway quickly and without any difficulties. We employ specialist turn-up and testing technologies to help speed up the installation process so that we can assure that our customers are up and running as quickly as possible after we deliver their systems. We create tools for the planning and design of optical systems. We are collaborating with a public initiative to simplify intricate optical design and make it accessible to everyone. A sophisticated dashboard with an application-centric focus. You are able to eliminate flapping, rebuild FIBs, and cope with asynchronous traffic by synchronising the IP/MPLS layer with the optical layer using our management panel.

The Path Forward for DWDM

New coherent technologies such as point-to-multipoint, subcarrier aggregation, DSP-managed dispersion compensation, soft FEC, 800G transport, 400G pluggables, and shuttled optical transport are utilised by next-generation DWDM networks. The implementation of coherent technology into DWDM networks has resulted in significant improvements to all aspects of network performance, including capacity, reliability, and total cost of ownership (TCO). We are experts in building and optimising every aspect of your network for next-generation coherent networks with the capabilities you demand, in the form factor you require, and for a particular application. This is our area of specialty.

The Meta

One example of an application-oriented capability is the ability to pin particular apps from the network's edge all the way to the network's core. As 5G and IoT application services migrate closer to the network's edge, they are more influenced by emerging DWDM technologies such as coherent, pluggable, multi-point, and tunable.

In order to optimise data and create a satisfactory experience for meta-customers, these application-centric offers require the orchestration of optical (capacity), automation (AI), and network operations centres (analytics). When you collaborate with us, you can take advantage of our application-centric approach to network architecture as well as the intelligent orchestration that we provide.